We're Cajro. A straight talking branding, marketing, social media and e-commerce agency.

About Us

We grow businesses by creating experiences people love.

Today, people embrace brands with the customer experiences that best meet their needs. Cajro transforms brands by designing best-in-class experiences, driven by unique branding, smart marketing, strong product development, impactful content, and the organisational strategy required for operational excellence.

We combine these capabilities into a single solution, creating unified brand experiences that change industries and foster meaningful relationships with users. This user-centric approach makes our work stand out from the crowd.

Our capabilities

How we do it: the unified brand experience.

Brand Strategy & Execution

After collectively working on over 100 brands, we understand what makes a successful brand. How to fully research and understand markets, competitors and audiences. We use this insight to position brands in such a way that it can spark and maintain rewarding customer relationships.

Product Strategy & Execution

We dig deep to uncover the truth that lies at the heart of brands. We bring this to life by defining - and designing - the way the brand thinks, looks, speaks and behaves. We've launched countless products, and along with our launch and sale strategies, we know what it takes to make products excel.

Advertising & Media

From integrated through-the-line campaigns spanning digital, experiential and offline to brand packaging, film and motion, all our communications – internal and external – are consistent, impactful and true to our brands. Our dedicated marketing and content teams just work.

Marketplace Strategy
& Execution

With a collective 30+ years in Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, we can truly say we're experts in the field. We know what sells, how to convert, and how to excel in this saturated space.

Coaching & Mentoring

Through task and relationship orientated coaching and mentoring, we've helped our clients reach new heights for their brands and businesses. We care for the people we work with, so our coaching and mentorship is 100% unique and personalised.

Social Media
& Influencer Marketing

In today’s digital world, social content creators with niche audiences can often offer more value to brands. We specialise in building influencer audiences and running successful Social Media profiles.

We believe in conflict,
not convention.

We’re an agency for people who care less about how things are, and more about how they could be.

Our Leadership

The people behind the magic

Founder & CEO

Chris Niven

Project Manager & Creative Lead

Jamie Cooper

Socials & Community Manager

Eleni Mills

Customer Service Manager

Neil Niven

Marketing Manager

Jacob Reed

Graphic Designer

Stephen Finley

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